Card Counting And Blackjack

Card counting is a common and well known part of blackjack and many blackjack tips revolve around using it properly, but there are some things that people have a fuzzy idea on. The first major mistake that beginners believe about card counting is that these players actually memorize every single card that comes at the table. Not only is that largely improbably and unbelievably difficult, it also wouldn’t result in the same thing as actually card counting. It is also often mistaken for some magical technique that allows player to predict the outcome of a particular hand. Just because a guy gets lucky by hitting on a twenty and getting a twenty one does not mean that he’s particularly intelligent or skilled.

The idea of card counting is not to predict actual cards as no blackjack tip can, but the tendencies and probabilities behind each card. A deck that mostly has ten cards – like the actual tens or the face cards – is largely favorable to the player. For one thing, the dealer must hit on a sixteen and if the deck is full of tens, chances are that the dealer will go bust. A natural blackjack, which involves an ace and a ten value card, give player a three to two return on their bet, making it another reason why a deck with tens is in favor of the player.

Of course, the inverse is also true – if the deck is low on face cards, chances are high in favor of the dealer instead. Card counting, no matter what other blackjack tips you apply, is essentially a betting system that allows player to bet according to their strength and the strength that the deck can give them. There are plenty of techniques and blackjack tips that sharpen the counting, but essentially, that’s what it boils right down to.

Blackjack is one of the few games wherein a player’s decision actually changes how much you lose or win – for most players, card counting makes that decision easier to make. A quick trip to the search engine will net you plenty of well detailed card counting and betting strategies to make your game tighter and generally more successful. If you want to make blackjack more than a casual affair then learning how to count the cards is an important part of making the leap to professional play. Take a look and apply it to your game – most of time it will drastically improve.