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College "PJETËR BUDI" - Studies Bachelor/Master


Admission criteria
International students can study at the College "Pjetër Budi' in Prishtina if their Diploma is recognized by Kosovo Ministry for Education.
College doesn't offer part time studies.
Precondition to study is knowledge of the Albanian language.
For studies of the Bachelor level student must have finished secondary school , whilst for Master degree the Certificate /
Diploma of Bachelor degree is required.
Student will undergo test in Math, English and Information Technology. It is not a pre condition to register studies, but it will
help College to organize aditinal courses for those that lack knowledge and skills in topics mentioned above. 
Funding for studying in Kosovo
College “Pjetër Budi” recommends that candidates investigate funding opportunities in their home country before starting
studies in Kosovo.
Funding possibilities in Kosovo are limited. College took care to sign Agreements for student loans with two Banks.
For more details please write to pjeterbudi@gmail.com